Media Coverage for Mattie, Milo, and Me

5 stars from The Book Revue
“A moving and fearless exploration of resilience, atonement, and the healing power of the link between people and their furry companions. Abel’s writing is both introspective and heart-wrenchingly honest.”

4 stars from Foreword Reviews
“Mattie, Milo and Me is a warm memoir about a woman’s connection to—and transformation because of—her dog.”

“Abel debuts with a heart-warming memoir spotlighting the intense bond between dogs and their owners. . . . Animal lovers will relish the central role that Abel’s pets play in her wellbeing throughout the narrative.”

Kirkus Reviews
“… a certain kind of pet lover, looking for a comforting reminder of the powerful bond that can occur between animals and humans, may finish this book teary-eyed.”

Foreword Reviews
“Executive editor Matt Sutherland interviews Anne Abel, author of Mattie, Milo, and Me”

Open to Hope
“Self-Care In Grief: Woman In A Blue Padded Folding Chair”

Modern Dog Magazine
“A moving testament to the transformative love and healing power dogs provide.”

“A story of loyalty, dedication and love during National Pet Month by Anne Abel”
“The Magic of a Child’s Grief”
“Healing Pet Loss”
“Childhood Pet’s Violent Death Still Haunts”
“I Never Wanted a Dog—Certainly Not One that Bit People”

Writer’s Digest
“Author and Moth StorySLAM champion Anne Abel shares her journey of becoming a storyteller and published author, including how she used the process of storytelling to overcome writer’s block.”

Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews
“I was touched by Milo’s journey as well as the authors. It is a reminder to keep trying your best, and making a positive difference.”

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!)
“Anne Abel explains how she happened to make an appearance at a Moth event and wowed everybody with the story in her memoir “Mattie, Milo and Me” – of never wanting a dog but then adoring the one she got for her son.”

Big Blend Radio
“Anne Abel discusses her new memoir, ”Mattie, Milo, and Me” that shares the central role her dogs played in her healing journey.”

The Baroo: A Podcast for Dogs and Their People
“Her journey isn’t just about the dogs; it’s about the life lessons they leave behind, and the patience and commitment required to embrace a rescue with a troubled past.”

San Francisco Post
“Unearthing Anne Abel’s Captivating Universe in ‘Mattie, Milo, and Me’: A Revealing Author Discussion”

Save a Pooch
“Navigating Grief With The Healing Journey Of Rescue Dogs”

Suzy Approved Book Reviews
“On Tour 04/22/24 – 06/30/24”

Women’s Journal
“Between the Lines: An Open Conversation on Latest Book ‘Mattie, Milo, and Me: a memoir’ with Author Anne Abel”

Madison Graph
“Loved Companions and Unseen Battles: Anne Abel’s Raw Confessions on ‘Mattie, Milo, and Me: A Memoir’”

The Hudson Weekly
“A Conversation With Anne Abel: Overcoming Loss, Depression, and the Unbreakable Bond With ‘Mattie, Milo, and Me: A Memoir’”